Sacramento Lead Testing and Consulting

Sacramento Lead Testing and Consulting Northern California
Sacramento Lead Testing and Consulting

ESS Environmental has over 35 years of experience in lead paint inspections, sampling, project monitoring and consulting.  We are fully trained, certified and ready to provide the following services for any and all of your lead paint issues.

1) Complete Building Inspections (Lead Paint) following all Local, State and Federal Regulations – Building Surveys consist of a complete visual inspection to identify all painted surfaces and their condition at the time of the inspection, testing of these possible lead containing or lead based paints, laboratory analysis of all samples taken and a complete report of findings.

2) Project Monitoring- Provide an assessment of any and all lead paint hazards and work together with an abatement contractor to safely and completely neutralize any and all lead paint issues. Duties performed in the course of project monitoring include, but are not limited to, air monitoring to ensure a safe working environment in and around the work area, review of all abatement contractor documentation prior to starting the abatement to ensure full compliance with all regulatory standards, and oversight of abatement contractor to ensure all lead abatement duties are performed in a safe manner and all industry regulations are followed during the course of the abatement.  Lead wipe clearance sampling and a visual clearance are performed following completion of the project to ensure the lead hazard is no longer an issue. We also provide waste stream analysis so that we can determine the proper way to dispose of all lead related waste.

3) Lead Consulting- Provide complete Scope of Work documentation prior to the beginning of a lead abatement project so the project is bid correctly the first time and change orders can be avoided. Conduct pre-work job walks to ensure that all information relating to the lead hazard is communicated thoroughly to all those present.



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